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Parvaze - Creative Director

Meet Parvaze, a Creative Director with a career spanning since 2002, specializing in digital matte painting, CG environment development, and 3D assets supervision for Visual Effects and Games. Parvaze is a conceptual design maestro, bringing clarity to clients during the crucial pre-production stage. As the leader of the Art Department, he manages and guides the team to create top-tier CG assets, ensuring quality control that consistently exceeds client expectations.

Notably, Parvaze made significant contributions to the esteemed Baahubali movie series, where his artistic brilliance and leadership played a crucial role in shaping the visual spectacle. His impact on the industry extends beyond the screen, as he continues to inspire and lead his team to new heights, creating unforgettable visual experiences for audiences worldwide. With over two decades of dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation, Parvaze remains a driving force in the dynamic world of visual effects.